My affinity for science fiction movies attracted me to this one, although this was more of a fantasy than some real science. The trailers called and I responded, wanting to know/see what it felt like to be born and breed outside the Earth. Though the movie could be classified as scientifically inaccurate, it was a wonderful experience. Owing this experience to the conflation of “the-sweet-teenage-romance”

The movie stars Asa Butterfield, Gary Oldman, Britt Robertson and Carla Gugino; and was directed by Peter Chelsom.



The story was written by Allan Loeb, Stewart Schill and Richard Lewis. It tells the story of a boy, Elliot Gardner (Asa Butterfield), who was born in Mars as his mother went there on a mission with an unknown pregnancy. When the mother dies at child-birth, the company behind the mission owned by Nathaniel Shepard (Gary Oldman) decides to keep it a secret for fear of compromising the company.

Sixteen years later Gardner is seen as an intelligent boy, raised unconventionally by scientists in Mars. He had secretly joined an internet chat room, where he met Tulsa (Britt Robertson), a girl from Earth which turned out to be the only person he knew on Earth.

In other to return to Earth, he was tested upon and surgical activities were carried out on him. Despite reaching Earth, it was discovered that he wouldn’t survive long enough due to differences in the earth’s pressure. He decides to find his father with the help of Tulsa before he dies. They fall in love in the process.

Gardner begins to fall sick due to an enlarged heart. After discovering that Nathaniel was his real father, he was immediately booked for an immediate trip to Mars for the sake of his health. Tulsa is adopted by Kendra (Carla Gugino) on earth, who now trained students to become astronauts in other to go to Mars.



Asa Butterfield steals the show here. As the main character, he was able to convince the audience through his acting that he is here to stay. The way he walked matched somebody really who was new to earth’s gravity and needed to keep his balance. His sense of socialization too was like somebody who had been secluded from people. The way he balanced every aspect of being an “alien” to “but I’m also a human being” was amazing.

Gary Oldman was also wonderful as a background actor. His acting added some kind of flavor to the film which was good for it.

My next favorite character was Britt Robertson. She acted in a way that made it look as if the whole story and the boy from mars thing was real, supporting Asa in every way possible. The face she made when Gardner does some weird things was off the hook. She was great here.

Carla Gugino was nice as a supporting actress. She added that adult material in a young adult Sci-Fi film such as this.

Favorite lines


What’s your favorite thing about Earth?

By far my most favorite line was the question Gardner always asked every citizen of Earth he came across with. “What’s your favorite thing about Earth?” we heard answers like the Rain or no answer at all until the best answer came from Tulsa when she said, “you are, Gardner”.

Thumbs up


For romance lovers (me included), this was astounding. It shows how the teenage love surpasses all barriers, especially distance. The hope and faith the young love bears is given birth to in this film which was sweet.

Great acting from the characters. Asa Butterfield was splendid as he matched his role excellently. Same goes to the other characters. Great work from the director also.

The movie wasn’t bad at all. Rather it was more of an interesting and innovative romance. Uplifting and heart touching at some point, funny at other points and romantic in a classical way.

For a genre like science fiction, it was totally children friendly, as violence wasn’t a main/subordinate thing.

The story stole my heart away. In any case, if you liked THE FAULT IN OUR STARS or TOMORROWLAND, then you will love this.

See trailer below



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