THE GATHERING: download BBNaija short film

If you are a fan of Big Brother Naija, it’s no news that last week was the most hectic. This is because their task was the longest and most time-consuming yet (despite the fact that big brother promised this week to be hell week).

The tasks carried out last week included recording a song in which Don Jazzy himself came to the house together with DNA twins to help in the production of the song, the shooting of a video for the song with special cameo from the DNA twins, the shooting of a viral video and the shooting of a short film.

On Sunday, the 26th of March 2017, during the live eviction show, we had the chance of seeing the videos including the trailer of the short film.

The gathering which was the short film, directed and produced by the BBNaija housemates, starring themselves; Bassey, Bisola, Balley, Debbie Rise, Efe, Marvis and T Boss, was kind of horror/thriller movie which saw the mysterious deaths of the friends.

Balley who was married to Marvis received their other friends into their home when the mysterious death marathon started from Marvis, to Efe, to Bisola, to Balley, Debbie Rise and finally Bassey.

What do you think about the film?

Download film here



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